The 2017 CCE Awards

his is the third year that I have taken the trip out east to Toronto to attend the Canadian Cinema Editor awards. In 2015 I started organizing CCE events in Edmonton, Alberta. The CCE saw my enthusiasm for editing and my desire to help grow the editing community in Alberta so they invited me out to the awards!  In 2016 I was nominated for Best Editing in Documentary Short Form for my work on The Harder I fight II and this year I was nominated for Best Editing in Lifestyle/Docudrama for my work on UpRooted: The Oyster Harvest.

Attending the awards this year was extra special because I was able to meet with Jennifer Howe of Echo Bay Media and the producer of UpRooted. Getting to work on a show like UpRooted was truly a delight! In the summer of 2016 Jennifer was looking for an editor to help with one episode of UpRooted. They needed to start the edit fairly quick. She took a look at the nomination list from the 2016 CCE Awards and found my name. She looked me up and gave me a call. At that time I was taking some time off editing to take care of my daughter who was 6 months old. Once I spoke to Jennifer and took a look at the other episodes of the show, I knew I needed to take the opportunity to work on UpRooted! So I called in some family to help with my daughter and said yes to the job! It took a couple weeks of nap time edits, playtime with Aunty edits and late night edits to get it done! I am very proud of the edit and so happy I jumped at the opportunity!!

If you would like to check out UpRooted it’s currently airing on The Cooking Channel US and will soon be on Gusto in Canada!


Sweet Jane Studio – Brand Video

Recently Suite One Productions was able to collaborate with Jillian of Jillian Schecher Studio on a brand video for Sweet Jane Studio!

“Sweet Jane Studio products are well made but not precious and can be worn for any occasion –  to a birthday party or to the playground! Many Sweet Jane Studio clothes are appliquéd with images of animals that kids like but that are not too cutesy or cliche so parents can enjoy them too.”

It was so fun working with Jillian and the sweet footage she captured for this project! I foresee many more videos in the future!

Dino Trails

n the fall of 2016 I had the pleasure of working with Brandy Y Productions on the documentary series Dino Trails! It was a 5 part series that reveals the latest dinosaur discoveries in Canada that are making headlines around the world and explains why these locations are famous.

It was so fun to discover such rich history in my own province! I look forward to taking my daughter to some of the places we visited in the documentary.

You can watch the whole series here and on TELUS Optik Local’s VOD channel.

That’s So Maven Podcast

Back in July I had the pleasure of sitting down with Andrea Beça and Lauren Dary of the podcast That’s So Maven. It is a podcast by, for and about female entrepreneurs!

Photo by the lovely Lauren of L Photograpy

Photo by the lovely Lauren of L Photograpy

Photo by the lovely Lauren of L Photograpy

Photo by the lovely Lauren of L Photograpy

I have been a listener from day one and I haven’t missed an episode yet so it was an honour to be part of this project! Take a listen to my interview here! Or on iTunes here!